dinsdag 5 januari 2016

My favourite people on the internet

I write and I love to write.
I love photographing for myself and my blog and I feel content when I can pour my heart out.
But I also like to blog lightly. Tell things about myself, what I love and how life is. I'm like a mix between Zoella and Nirrimi. Two of my favourite people I discovered in the big world of the internet. So why not share more? These beautiful people listed down below have each had an impact on my life or brought joy to my days.


Or Zoe Sugg. A bright young lady not much older than me (I believe she is 25 now). 
I am drawn to her playfulness and spirit (and the fact that she is british only adds up). Although she suffers from anxiety, she seems to be handling it like a pro and she's inspirational to many kids and young adults out there. That is the impression I get when I see her videos and read her blog. Of course I don't really know her or how she feels, but she does inspire me to come out of my comfort zone (with me that is one step at a time, but hey, I'm getting there). Her character seems to be similar to mine in some ways, and I love that. Also, dear Zoe, I love reading your books and the meaning behind them. 

Lindsey Stirling

This girl caught my attention many years ago. Back then I was very into my own violin and she was an inspiration. When I fully threw myself into my photography passion my violin got a bit sadly forgotten. But it's mine and will always be mine. And I will keep playing it. Sometimes more that other times. But that's oke. I think this very lovable person will stick around as well. And I've got to say, I love her style. 

(photo by Chrystal Cienfuegos)

A simple family sharing their love and life with the world. They have a youtube channel and always seem to cheer me up with their daily vlogs. Their unconditional love for each other and the cute adventures they have really make me smile. Also, they just had their second child. It is just so fun to see people (and god damn cute children) grow. For me, their channel is my daily relaxation moment. Ah, the sweetness!

Nirrimi Joy Firebrace

The girl on the left, Nirrimi, stole my heart also many years ago. I can't remember how long I have been following her. One side of me feels similar to Zoe, while the other feels so similar to Nirrimi. It is hard to explain and although I am totally different from these two souls (thank god, my goal is to be as unique in this beautiful world as possible) I can't help but be overflowed by this feeling. It is comforting in a way. Nirrimi is a photographer, writer, blogger and over all artist. Her stories are one of the few I always entirely read with joy. Her writing and photographs are things I always look forward to. This girl influenced me in my photography, writing and the way I look at life. I would say mostly that last.

I now realize that even though I've never met one of these people, I am thankful to know them in a superficial way. It's important to surround yourself with people full of life and optimism. Even on the internet.
I think I just wrote a new years resolution.

Lots of love.