about me

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
"An artist!" I'd say while I would dance on my tippy toes like the fairy I secretly am inside. 

An artist I've always been. I've wanted to paint night skies while drinking hot chocolate milk, write stories and draw souls whole my life. 
And above all that, I am a moment catcher. A photographer. 

I am one of those who would sit half an hour with a wounded little spider, taking care of it until it feels good again so I can go put it outside, where it belongs.
I am the one that loves rain because the light is perfect for photography, I have an excuse for lighting candles and snuggling up in a soft woolen blanket. And of course dancing, who doesn't love dancing in rain? 
Yes, people sometimes look at me like I'm crazy, but that's how much I love life in every way of its existence. 
I would see people fuss over a train that's to late again or be disgusted over another ones appearance and even though at first it would make me sad and protective I'd smile afterwards, because I've found the power to choose my happiness.
While growing up I learned to do so. I learned playing with it as it fluttered by me, incentively waving it's hands like a little child wanting to be cuddled. 
And this thanks to my parents. Who I love so dearly. They always let me be who I was. They let me be scared when I needed to and let me cry when I wanted to. I can tell them anything anytime and they will give me advice and tell me that they love me. 
They are the ones that always supported me and let me go to art classes, even if they knew finding a job would be hard. But I was happy. And if there's one thing you should raise you children to be, it's finding their form of happiness. 

I am one that feels intensely and what then was my weakness, is now my strength. 
I can now show what I feel through art and photography and I am so god damn grateful to have my camera.  

Whole my life I've been desperate to show people how beautiful this all is. How, in all senses, free happiness is, how free and powerful our mother earth is. I want to document it all and share it with you. 

This blog will be my journal. I will be posting stories and photographs, personal and professional, but above all I will share my feelings and experiences. The good and the bad. 

For those who want to know who I am: I am Tineke, 23 years old and I live in little Belgium. I am addicted to chocolate, the sound of thunder and cuddles.