vrijdag 6 mei 2016


Driving trough endless green fields, that would be my endless destination in life.
That is what I am thinking while I pass the few little houses over and over again, trying to find one of those little houses in particular. Screw the gps, I want a little birdy who can guide me.
I've been looking forward to this shoot for a long time.
A beautiful mama contacted me saying her little Lucy turned one this month and she wanted something special to celebrate that. And although I knew this was going to have a commercial vibe, I jumped right in like I sometimes, pretty often, do when I see chocolate.

I park my car and call my mother, who knows the lady at the house we are using for the shoot. While waiting for the beep to change into mama's voice, I look around. Spring has finally found its way to us and flowers seem as thankful as I am. This is a good day.
I follow my mothers orders and go back to where I came from, and there it is. Laura isn't there yet either. I ring the doorbell and Ann opens the door with a smile you could probably see over in Tokio. She lets me in and shows her little paradise. A cosy, wooden little house, perfect for what I want to reach in my photos today. We talk and drink tea when Laura arrives with Arthur, her husband, and little Lucy.

In a wink of an eye I take my camera out and go into story making mode. I talk to the little family and realize how I missed this. Since I have a full time job I got stuck in expectations of bosses, working very hard for little money and the stereotypes of society and it has been killing me the past months. I look at lucy and smile at her innocence. Capturing the beauty of her untouched soul, that will be the goal for today. That, and the love that that little family shined out loud.