zaterdag 10 oktober 2015

September favourites

It's getting dark outside and evening is falling. The heat is turned on because days are getting cold again. I turn my christmas lights, hanging above my desk, on and here I am, writing another blogpost. Ah, I absolutely love it.
I'd love to get to know you and for you to get to know me, so what better way to do that then sharing little things of my life?
Not photography-based. Just me and my treasures.

My medallion

Although this is not something I got last month, it is something very, very dear to me. I got this medallion when Wulle, my bunny, died. He was sort of my animal soulmate and there hasn't been a day in the past year that I didn't miss my little ball of wool. I searched for this locket the day after he died and it contains some fur and a photograph. When I'm feeling lonely, sad or scared I open the locket and put my thumb on his fur and it always seems to be calming me. He was and still is a very special little part of my soul.

My blog/project journal
I have thousands of journals waiting to be written in. And still I can't help but fall in love with more of them. I sincerely believe that one day I'll have filled them all with ideas, stories, doodles and thoughts. This one I use for blog- and project ideas. This is how I keep track of it all and I must say I couldn't resist of having fun with a little decoration inside as well.

My hat
I searched for this one for years and finally found it last month. Yay! 

Beatrix Potter stories
I found these at a local book market and was so happy to find them. I've always been inspired by Beatrix Potter and I collect everything that I find of her and her stories. I'm a little addicted. 

I love you and I hope your day is as magical as it should be.