donderdag 27 augustus 2015

I am Tineke

Here I am, taking my own little place on the internet again.

A lot has changed this past year.
First of all, I seem to be a grownup. For some reason I seem to be finally accepted in the big world now and my opinion matters. I have a job and am starting to save up for a place to call my own. I turned vegetarian and I take photo assignments but now am brave enough to do it on my terms. A relationship ended and a beautiful strong one filled my heart again, patiently hoping he will be the father of my children. I lost four of my dearest animals, one who happened to change my life and the way I look at that life, if that is possible, for me it certainly is. I learned not to run away or hide when people throw words at me but to let myself be heard and I finally feel like a beautiful woman (please say that more to yourself) with the child inside still wildly alive, knowing that I know barely anything of this world, the life I so dearly love and the universe.
I found out how to turn what used to be my weakness into my strength.
I learned how to take distance from things that make my soul heavy and found a way to be happy, to choose to be happy.
I'm learning that I have still so much to learn, and I love it. As a newborn who sees mother earth for the first time, I still love living, loving and discovering.
This will be my journal for the world to see. I want to create a little safe place here where I can share experiences and listen to yours. Oh I would love to read yours!

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